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Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum support is the gentle art of truly giving to another woman. Let me paint you a picture…

You ‘ve just given birth to your baby or babies. You come home from the hospital after just 48 hours of doing so. Your family lives out of town and your friends who have had babies are excited to come and see you but they are hoping to just hold the baby when they come. You are tired, perhaps a little nervous and ultimately just want to be the most perfect parents on Earth. IN WALKS YOUR POSTPARTUM DOULA! She gently greets you and her expertise puts you at ease. She immediately helps you get the baby to breast makes you a cup of tea and gets the dishwasher loaded. AHHHHH…..

You can expect everything from light housekeeping to hands on education surrounding all things baby. She can run errands for you or teach you to run errands with your little one. She is available for a minimum of a four hour shift or as much as a twenty four hour shift. No need is too great or too small. Northeast Doulas is also happy to provide live in short term care to our new families.

Let the gentle nurturing spirit of our doulas embrace you on your new journey.

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"The postpartum care they provided my husband and I was truly invaluable. The birth of our first child was the most wonderful and simultaneously the most challenging experience we have had. As we tried to adjust to life with a newborn, Northeast Doulas, consistently provided us with the practical advice and guidance we needed. Their warmth and compassion coupled with their professionalism gave us confidence to navigate our way through parenthood."

- Christina - Hastings on Hudson, NY

Certified Nurse/Midwife Susan Schmidt and Postpartum Doula Randy Patterson

Postpartum Doula helps with breastfeeding


Debbie Aglietti (founder and co-owner)

Being employed as a nanny until the day before she gave birth to her first son, helped Debbie prepare for her “life changing” career as a doula. When her second child was a toddler she knew the time was right and she jumped in with two feet. Debbie immediately earned her labor and postpartum doula certification and founded Northeast Doulas in 2002. As a certified doula for over a decade she has watched the desire to have a doula grow and in turn, has also seen the desire to become a doula explode. Keeping the impeccable reputation of Northeast Doulas in mind, Debbie trained and certified as a MaternityWise Labor and Postpartum Doula Trainer so that she could help build and maintain a standard of excellence for other doulas to follow. Debbie lives in Mahopac, N.Y. with her husband and their two teenaged sons.

Randy "Rock N' Roll Doula" Patterson (co-owner)

Randy began her career in the birthing world in 1997 at the birth cottage at Hudson Valley hospital. There she worked as a birth assistant (doula) and later cross trained as a peri-natal technician on the OB unit of the hospital. In 2003 she ventured onto her own path as a labor and postpartum doula. Randy’s passion is in helping women find strength and power in themselves through their birth experiences. Randy’s ability to meet the needs of her clients before, during and after birth, coupled with her ability to teach and guide the partner during labor, help make the birth of their child rewarding and satisfying to both new parents. Randy has been celebrating love and laughter for 27 years in her marriage to her soul mate, Jerry. Together, they nurture and mentor two amazing daughters Erica Bonnie, 24 and Tyler Jane,20.




April Cotter

April grew up with six siblings whom she loved dearly and cared for instinctively. She took on the role of being her mother’s helper without being asked. April was a natural nurturer and this early experience enhanced her journey of becoming a doula.

April’s kind, loving, and maternal characteristics extended as she intuitively helped her nieces during their birthing and postpartum periods.

When April gave birth to her first daughter she imagined this would be one of the most joyous and happiest times of her life. Instead she found it to be an unfortunately difficult and challenging time. When April became pregnant for the second time she decided to be proactive. She did extensive research on postpartum depression and ways to overcome this condition. 

April spent over a decade working with young children in the school system. She nurtured them and reassured them that “Miss April” genuinely cared for them. She realized she had been taking on the role of a postpartum doula and decided to train professionally through ProDoula Certification Organization as a certified postpartum and infant care doula.

April has been providing Northeast Doulas clients with non-judgmental, compassionate, and professional support. When April is not spending time with her loving husband and teenage daughters in Hudson Valley she is doting on her rescue dogs. 

Celenia Vargas

From the beginning of time, Celenia has had an admiration and fascination for pregnancy and birth. She was proud to play an instrumental role in supporting members of her family through birth and early parenting by providing research on a variety of birth related topics, unbiased support and comforting care.

Celenia began her career as a medical assistant in a pediatric office setting. She developed a relationship with patients and their families and learned early on to be a compassionate non-judgmental supporter of families.  

Having both her loving mother and her husband by her side when giving birth herself, Celenia still felt like something was missing.  She yearned for an informed supporter, who could be the wealth of knowledge she needed and could guide her through labor. 

A friend introduced her to the word ‘doula’ and Celenia knew right away this was her calling – to support women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

Celenia studied to become a doula and has made a career out of this wonderful work. She is truly honored to assist families during this transformative time.

Elaine Osterhout

Elaine is a certified birth and postpartum doula.  For fifteen years, while raising her children, Elaine owned and operated a nursery school.  She found great joy and satisfaction in working with young children and their parents couldn't be happier knowing that Miss Elaine was nurturing their kids!  Elaine is the manager of our postpartum department and is responsible for the continuing education of our doulas.  Elaine is a multiples specialist and our "sleep expert".  She helps teach families of babies and newborns through 18 months better sleeping habits without the heartache of "crying it out".  Elaine lives with her husband, Michael and is available to work both day and night shifts.  She is also available for long term postpartum care for families who feel they need it.

Gina Rabsatt

Gina Rabsatt is an amazingly insightful woman who instantly puts others at ease with her presence. Her journey to understanding birth and the postpartum period came from her own experience as a teenaged mother. Gina was blessed to have wonderful advice, great support systems and nurturing women in her life to lift her up, and empower her with confidence. Those women encouraged her growth and showed her that she was designed and built to create a healthy and happy family. That support inspired her to do the same for others as a Labo Supportr and Postpartum Doula. Gina raised 3 well disciplined, educated and loving children and brings 31 years of experience with all things woman, mother and baby.
Clients who have had Gina by their side as their doula tell us that the love, peace and positive energy that she exudes is absolutely contagious! 

Graziela Salazar Jordao

Graziela's love for pregnancy and babies started at a very early age. As a child she was fascinated by the idea of babies growing inside women's bellies. As a young adult she had the opportunity to witness the births of her two siblings. This experience brought her, years later, to pursue a career as a Certified Labor Doula. She is also a certified Prenatal Yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance and is currently working towards her Reiki certification.

Through Yoga, Graziela discovered the power of the breath and the importance of the mind/body connection. She has been nurturing women through the journey of pregnancy by helping them find inner balance and their true potential and by teaching them various relaxation techniques that are useful not only in pregnancy and labor, but also in life. Graziela brings her knowledge and experience to the birth room to support women on one of the most important days of their lives.

Her approach to birth is free of judgment and focused on helping the laboring mother find the path that suits her needs. She understands that every woman carries a unique history and this history should be respected. She loves to empower women by helping them make educated choices and by encouraging them to rely on their inner wisdom during pregnancy, birth and life. Graziela believes that a woman can achieve what she envisions if she receives the right support and encouragement.

Jennifer Bredin

After having four children of her own and never tiring of the newborn stage, Jennifer decided to pursue a career as a professional postpartum doula. Her compassionate warm nature brings reassurance to the families she serves. She is often described by others as calm and kind, with a great sense of humor. Additionally, Jennifer is a great cook who loves to prepare delicious meals for her clients. Leaving her personal parenting philosophies behind, Jennifer helps her clients discover their own philosophies about how to best care for their children. Having experienced a myriad of different parenting styles and baby care techniques with clients makes Jenn an incredibly valuable resource to the families she serves.  In her down time, Jennifer enjoys wine tasting and spending time with her family. She speaks conversational Swedish and continues to play with a local community orchestra as a flutist. Jennifer is available for both days and nights as well as short term live in care.  Jennifer lives in Beacon with her fiancée, four children, and a little pug named Joey. As a long time lover of animals, working in homes that are shared with the family pet, is an absolute pleasure for her.

Jessica Real-Mohr

Jessica has gravitated towards caring for others for as long as she can remember. Becoming a nurturer began for her with her two younger brothers. Before even knowing exactly what a doula was, Jessica had assumed the role of one. Offering her support and wisdom around birth and breastfeeding was second nature to her.

After giving birth to her daughter, Jessica’s interests grew and she worked to earn her certifications as a CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor), a birth and postpartum doula and a childbirth educator.

Jessica has always believed that there is no question to small for a woman to ask when it comes to birth and parenting and she is committed to providing answers no matter what that takes.

Jessica is warm, friendly, encouraging, compassionate, and discrete. She resides in New York City with her mother and her precious, beautiful daughter.

Kim Jones

Kim’s background in the healthcare industry and management of a private OB/GYN practice, has given her more than 30 years of hands-on skills qualifying her as a Pregnancy Consultant. Kim has been trusted by Specialists, Obstetricians, Midwives, Doulas, Patients and Clients and has always exceeded the expectations placed on her. Her goal is always to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of care, professional service and personal satisfaction. Kim’s professional experience coupled with the births of her four children, including a set of fraternal twins, has provided Kim with a vast understanding of both Provider and Patient. Her desire to support clinicians and patients alike is what influenced her to become a Certified Labor Support and Postpartum Doula. Kim’s natural inclination and her strong and comforting communication skills, further convinced her to devote herself to being a full-time Pregnancy Consultant. Kim's experience with interviewing, hiring and supervising staff gives her a natural insight to assist parents through the entire process of selecting a Doula, nanny, or sitter. As a Labor Support Doula Kim is said to be strong, compassionate, and comforting. When working as a Postpartum Doula, clients describe her as a “life saver” and were always extremely grateful for her empowering supportive and educational technique. She additionally has a vast experience with long-term postpartum care. Kim has successfully paired Doulas with families as well as introduced appropriate services to guarantee transitioning to parenthood is positively accomplished.

Lindsay DiCarlo

Lindsay’s personal experience of trusting her motherly intuition served her well when doctors misdiagnosed her son's digestive issues. She knows first hand that it is not easy to trust yourself as a pregnant woman or a new mother and she brings compassionate care to the women and families that she serves. Clients of Northeast Doulas will say that Lindsay helped them connect with a birthing philosophy that was right for them and made them feel competent and capable as new parents. With thoughtful and gentle guidance, Lindsay supports couples as they transform into families. They comfortably learn the ins and outs of parenting under her care. She is always mindful of each family’s parenting philosophies and is sure to provide information on all relative topics while encouraging parents to choose what is right for them. Lindsay is married with two children and looks forward to helping each new client in the capacity that is right for them. Lindsay has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Hunter College and is a certified labor and postpartum doula.

Olivia Clark

The power, strength, and connection that Olivia felt during the birth of her daughter, inspired her to begin her studies as a doula. Through her training and continued education, Olivia has had the honor of supporting many families as they have their own profound birth and parenting experiences.

With 8 years of experience as a nanny to young children, personal struggles with the physical recovery during her postpartum period, and her personal pursuit of a healthy breastfeeding relationship with her daughter, Olivia has the knowledge and compassion to help new families find their way. 

Clients of Northeast Doulas agree that Olivia’s gentle but confident approach significantly helped them to feel less pressure and more peace during the uncertainties that birth and new babies present.

Valerie Cirillo-Bunch

As a woman drawn to babies, birth and family development it is no coincidence that Val finds herself working as a certified labor and postpartum doula. As the mother of fraternal twin boys (one born vaginally, the other born via cesarean section) Val understands and relates to all aspects of childbirth. Having worked as a preschool teacher for many years, she is a tremendous asset to the older siblings of our families as they welcome their new little brother or sister. Her hobby of photography gives her the ability to capture the magic and beauty of labor, birth and the early days with a newborn. Valerie believes that mothers and families deserve special care surrounding the birth of their babies and considers it an honor to participate in the journey.

Yael Yisrael

Yael B. Yisrael 

Prior to becoming a doula, Yael had a fulfilling career in education as a schoolteacher and an afterschool administrator. During that time, Yael gained a wealth of experience working with countless families. Yael quickly learned that every family needed to be supported without judgment, in order to develop their own unique parenting philosophies.

Yael had unknowingly been a doula for many years and began her professional doula career in New York City. As the daughter of a retired labor and delivery nurse, Yael grew up in a world that consisted of birth, babies and transitioning families.  This amazing birthing and postpartum world offered wisdom and traditions that were passed down to Yael from her mother and other strong matriarchs. This wisdom was the catalyst in Yael's decision to train and become a professional doula.

Yael has a calm and reassuring presence. When working with parents, infants, and children, she provides a comforting hands-on approach that makes her clients feel secure and satisfied. As a professional doula Yael can share her gift of teaching in a new and gratifying manner, while having the honor of supporting families during an extraordinary period in their lives.