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Northeast Doulas offers a wide variety of doula services including placenta encapsulation.

This practice has been around for centuries and over the past several years has been gaining ground in the US. Unsure of what exactly placenta encapsulation means?

In this post we break down all there is to know about Placenta Encapsulation, including a breakdown on the placenta encapsulation procedure, benefits and how Northeast Doulas can assist you. 

What is placenta encapsulation? 

Placenta encapsulation is the procedure by which a woman's placenta is ingested after being steamed and dehyrated...Read more

3 owners, 2 offices, 10 labor and postpartum doulas and 1 pink car!  All serving a common goal – to educate, inform and support women. 

Last week, while I was holding down the fort, Randy and Debbie met up with OB/GYN, Dr. Meedlen Charles and they headed to the WHUD radio station to sit down with Kacey and talk about women – babies, birth and doulas!  Listen to interview "Oh Ladies" now!


Be the CHANGE your community needs! Making a Difference made for e a fantastic Mother’s Day.

Northeast Doulas would like to THANK everyone who had a hand in making our event unforgettable. The 6th Annual No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive 5K and Community FUN Day was an incredible success. We are thrilled to announce that it will go down in history as a record-breaking event, raising over 30,000 Diapers for the Westchester Diaper Bank.

Although the day began with fear of rain, bright smiles of families, friends, vendors and sponsors scared away the looming clouds. 

A special Shout out, and, thank you to the Taconic Roadrunners who registered 200 Plus female runners for the 5K. It was absolutely inspirational to watch so many generations of women, from all walks of life running together in FDR Park for such a powerful cause.  

We know that our event being on Mother’s Day added even more specialness to the charity experience. Every runner, and all of the families in attendance were beyond generous with their diaper donations. We are so grateful to the community members who filled our local drop off boxes at businesses around Westchester County.

Thank you to our fabulous vendors, for bringing your beautiful wares to sell. Thank you to all of the local businesses who set up to inform our community about the important services they provide to us. Extra special thanks goes out to our amazing bouncy house operator, hysterical clown, talented...Read more

Screaming tears of discomfort echo through your hallway. Your baby’s crying because they are sitting in their own mess. You wipe them down, but their bottom is bright red, blistered, sore, raw, the rash has spread from front to back, thigh to thigh. Will it ever go away?

You can see them wincing in pain. Your heart is breaking. You powder them again, but you know it will not do much to ease the pain, they will make again once they eat, and you are tightly rationing diapers. If they wet themselves again tonight you do not have a diaper to change them into. You have one package to last you all week. It is Tuesday and 10 diapers remain. You will not have the money for more until Friday’s pay check clears. How did this happen? How could you not be able to change your baby?

When you found out you were pregnant you were filled with so much love and happiness. You have always imagined having a family. You have dreamed your whole life of all you will do for your child. All they will have. No matter what, you will give them the world. How could the world not include clean diapers?

Your partner and you work 4 jobs between you. The money coming in leaves before it hits your account. It seems impossible to keep up. Rent is expensive, even though you are getting help from a government program. Food stamps and WIC help with the necessities, it’s a modest table but everyone is full.

Even though you are working 16 hours a...Read more

This Sunday, May 13th is less than a week away! We are so excited to welcome our community to support The Westchester Diaper Bank with our 6th Annual No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive 5K and Family Fun Day at FDR Park.

Registration is still open for our Mothers’ Day ladies only 5K.

We also invite everyone to participate in a two-mile fun run directly following the race.  

A full morning of fun activities is scheduled from 8 AM to 12 PM.  

KIDS WILL LOVE bouncing around in our bouncy house bonanza, take your chances at our carnival activities, laugh it up with our clown. Turn into a pirate or a princess at our face painting table, and chase bubble for hours with the bubble bus.

You are going to love the vendors who are setting up tables in our market area. Beautiful jewelry, cosmetics, skin care, local artisans, crafts, gourmet foods, farm fresh ingredients, and more.

Remember the purpose of our event is to RAISE DIAPERS. Northeast Doulas are challenging the community to help reach their goal of 30,000 diapers. Online diaper donations can be made through our Amazon Wish List.  All attendees are encouraged to bring diapers of...Read more

Finally! The weather is warm, sunny and the sky is blue. After being shut in all winter with your family it is time to get outdoors and have some family fun. We all know that Westchester County has a ton to offer all year round, but, spring and summer have a jam-packed calendar of family fun. Check out these Family festivities happening in our backyard next weekend.

Northeast Doulas are proud to once again bring you a family fun day and 5k, Sunday, May 13th. The 6th annual No Child Wet Behind 5K and Family Fun Day is returning to FDR Park in Yorktown Heights. 

Enjoy a fabulous morning filled with activities while teaching your little ones the value of giving back during this diaper drive and fundraiser. Kicking off at 8 am with a Ladies Only 5 K and a 2-mile fun run.

There is nothing more incredible than the mix of philanthropy and fun, you can truly make a difference with your diaper donations as Northeast Doulas spreads awareness about the many babies in need of clean, dry diapers throughout Westchester County and our nation. Children of all ages will enjoy many activities including a bouncy house, face painting, carnival games, a clown, vendors, food, special speakers and more.

Northeast Doulas are proud to continue to partner with The Westchester Diaper Bank for this incredible cause.

Please take a moment to visit our website and...Read more

Please join us Sunday May 13th for the 6th annual No Child Wet Behind 5K and Family Fun Day in FDR Park in Yorktown Heights. 

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day Than with your families supporting the families in need in our very own community.

Each year Northeast Doulas hosts this event, bringing us together and raising awareness about the many babies in need of clean, dry diapers throughout Westchester County and our nation.

A full day of activities is scheduled along with a diaper drive, fundraiser and raffle. We are thrilled to partner with Taconic Road Runners Club for our annual 5k. In honor of Mother’s Day this year’s race is ladies only. The 5K will be kicking off at 8 am followed by a 2-mile family fun run.

Children of all ages are guaranteed to enjoy the many activities we have in store including: a bouncy house, face painting, carnival games, a clown, vendors, food, special speakers and more.

Northeast Doulas are proud to continue to partner with The Westchester Diaper Bank and raise awareness for this incredible cause. Please take a moment to visit and our facebook page for a list of diaper drop off...Read more

Crying, screaming, fussy. Is there no end? Every time you put your newborn down, shrill shrieks, and bursts of belted tears that seem to get louder and louder with each foot step further away. Will they ever stop? Will there ever be peace? How can I make this end?


The secret art of swaddling has been soothing even the most unsettled for centuries. Yes, I said ART.

The baby burrito has been in practice for thousands of years. Swaddling has been known to have many benefits beyond just providing comfort. Swaddling has been known to promote healthy sleep since swaddling simulates the womb. Studies have shown that swaddling assists in decreasing SIDS risk since infants are securely wrapped and laid on their backs, with less chance of rolling over.

Swaddling is a finely tuned skill. This baby blanket origami has been mastered by parents and birth workers to sooth even the most savage of infants. Snugness and tuck techniques passed down from generation to generation perfected along the way.

But, don’t you worry we have scoured the universe (YouTube) and found 3 incredibly informative swaddling tutorials that will make you Masters of the Swaddle in minutes.

So, grab a baby doll and a blanket and follow these links...Read more

Sometimes to the key to getting rid of stress is a relaxing cup of tea. That is no different when it comes to stress over lactation. Generations have turned to teas to remedy everything from sleep to slimming down to boosting a mother’s milk supply. It is so common that there is actually a term for them: Galactagogues.  
Throughout history, almost every culture, from shamans, to mothers, monks and doulas have been brewing their own “magical” teas that aide in the creation of milk for breastfeeding mothers. Each culture in possession of a powerful ingredient or blend of ingredients indigenous to their lands that boosts lactation. 
Today we are lucky to have access to every secret blend, from every corner of the globe. We can purchase the key ingredient(s) to blend and steep ourselves or order them as loose blends. No matter your choice, these sacred ingredients have been promoting lactation for centuries.
While there are no studies to scientifically prove that lactation teas work, the fact that we are still discussing them today supports the anecdotal evidence.
There are several different companies that have...Read more


Once again, we are putting the FUN in Fundraiser.

No Child Wet Behind is kicking off the 2018 fundraising season with our 2nd Annual Comic Relief Fundraiser. On Friday, April 27th at 7:45 PM comedian Nate Bergatz will take the stage of Levity Live. Register today and be sure to secure your seat for the comedian who Esquire calls “one of the top up and coming comics.” 

Join us at Levity Live’s Nyack, NY Palisades Mall location for a night of non-stop laughs.  This is your chance to experience Nate Bergatz’s national tour and support an incredible cause in the process.  Laugh your butts off to diaper the butts of the many infants in need of diapers in Westchester county. The $20 ticket makes a huge difference in our community as all proceeds from this event will benefit The Westchester Diaper Bank.

If your calendar is not clear but you still want to support No Child Wet Behind please help make our wishes come true and visit our Amazon Wishlist where you can donate the exact diapers that are most in need from the families in our community.  Diaper drop box locations will be announced soon for in person donations as well. Stay tuned for information about our Annual No Child Wet Behind 5k and...Read more