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Last week, while I was holding down the fort, Randy and Debbie met up with OB/GYN, Dr. Meedlen Charles and they headed to the WHUD radio station to sit down with Kacey and talk about women – babies, birth and doulas!  Listen to interview "Oh Ladies" now!


I am a Doula and I have been witnessing birth for about 17 years. The truth is…

I don’t love birth.

What I really love is the power and strength that women find in them selves during labor. When that power, pushes them past the words, “I can’t!” and they learn how capable they really are. THAT is my true passion and why I love my job.

I have pushed myself many times in my life and because I have, I have confidence. I trust my instincts and I believe in my abilities.

My life has not been easy. In fact, I personally know the meaning of the word struggle, I looked struggle in the eye and I made it through… virtually unscathed.

At 21 years old, Jerry and I were homeless. We lived outside… on the streets. Our only belongings were, 2 sleeping bags, 1 plastic garbage bag filled with our clothes, an acoustic guitar and an alarm clock that didn’t work without electricity.

The good news? We lived in San Diego! The weather was perfect and it never rained, not even once, while we spent that month without a roof over our heads.

Jerry got a job as a laborer for a small construction company and I got a job at the bowling alley’s snack bar.

Getting that job was one of the most challenging and strategic things I have ever done in my life. Remember… I was homeless. No address to write on the job application, no phone number to leave for the manager to contact me. So instead, I showed up every day at a different hour...Read more

Even When it Makes You Feel Like a Failure!

I’m a doula.  I know a lot about breastfeeding.  I know how to help a baby latch shortly after birth, I can answer any question you have, I could fill pages and pages writing advice for different scenarios and concerns.

What I can’t do… is make enough breastmilk to sustain my [rather robust] children.  I had milk supply issues with all three of my children.  I knew EXACTLY what to do to fix it – I had given this advice, I had coached women through these solutions and I had seen it ALL WORK… for them. 

With my first child, you might say I was completely oblivious, but not for a lack of knowledge – I had all the information, but I trusted my instincts and believed that everything was, and would be, GREAT.  We slept, we ate, we smiled. 

Pregnant with baby #2, I began to reflect on my experience with Mia.  With a bit more experience as a doula, I realized that I had low milk supply.  DUH!  What an idiot, I kept thinking… I’m a doula and I didn’t realize that I hadn’t been making enough milk.  It hit me like a ton of bricks – I felt like a fool, I had walked around all this time with a stupid, naïve smile on my face.  I felt like a fake and a phony – had I tricked everyone and myself into thinking I knew what I was doing, as a mother AND as a doula?  How could I have been so stupid?!  NOT AGAIN, I decided!  I knew the problem, I knew the solution and I was going to fix it.  My complete and utter...Read more

“I want an epidural” O.k. What I really said was, “GET ME A FUCKIN’ EPIDURAL!”

Here’s what I missed at the childbirth class that I took when I was pregnant with Erica.

I heard the word focus. I thought, ok, she means a focal point, a strong awareness, an understanding of what was happening to me.

OK, I can do that… I didn’t realize that what she meant by “focus” was to go deep inside of myself. Tune out all noise, light, sound, smell, self doubt, worry etc. and bring ALL of my focus to my inner self. My inner-self.

I didn’t realize that it meant I should concentrate all of my attention and energy internally.

I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. Instead, I focused on how long it had been since my water broke. I focused on the fetal heart monitor that I was attached to. I focused on how much my back hurt. I focused on how uncomfortable I was in bed. I focused on how much longer it would be before I met my baby, etc… Do you see where I went wrong?

So… after 27 hours of labor, I waived the white flag of surrender, got the epidural (which I didn’t want) and 20 minutes later I was fully dilated with no sensation to push. My doctor cut a large episiotomy and I delivered my daughter. He reached his entire hand and wrist into my body, pulled out my placenta, sewed me back up and called it a day…

Four years later, I was pregnant again. I was too busy to take a childbirth class this time and decided we were just...Read more

Congratulations to this Iowa family on the precipitous labor and birth of their baby. Having a baby in 30 minutes is certainly more the exception than the rule. Watch this short video about how this couple reacts to their unassisted birth at a stop light Keep in mind that when a baby comes quickly like this, without much difficulty, no help is necessary and there is nothing to panic about :) Rest well Iowa family and Happy "BIRTH" day to your little one!Read more

Staying safe from negativity during pregnancy!

“She acts like she’s the only woman to ever be pregnant”… followed by an eye roll….

Who says that?! Oh, I’ll tell you who says that! WOMEN! Close friends, co-workers, sisters, in-laws, out-laws etc… The onslaught of birth negativity starts the moment we share our amazing news!

There are some bizarre behaviors that surround pregnancy in our culture that I will never understand.
Here is a perfect example.

Sister in law: So, (excitedly) when are you due???
Newly pregnant mom: My midwife said my estimated due date is Sept 12th.

Sister in law: Hmmph…That doesn’t mean a thing. If you don’t have your baby by that day, they will induce you.
Newly pregnant mom: Really?

Sister in law: Yup, that’s what happened to me. They made me go to the hospital, hooked me up to this crazy medicine called Pitocin. I was contracting like crazy! One after another for hours! I begged for an epidural! I thought I was gonna DIE!!!!
Newly pregnant mom: What if I want a natural birth or a water birth?

Sister in law: What are you nuts?! Go to the hospital and get an epidural the second you go into labor!!!
Newly pregnant mom: (walks away feeling terrified and confused)

This happens every day in our culture. Women seem to enjoy creating fear for one another around labor and birth....Read more

Journal Entry, 2009

Dear Diary,

When we did XXXX’s prenatal appointment she was so calm. It was as if she had given birth many times all ready, although this was her first pregnancy. She didn’t ask the usual questions like how will I know when I’m in labor? What do contractions feel like? What if I can’t handle the pain? She was unusually and pleasantly accepting of the whole process and seemed to have the maternal instinct of a woman who had done this many times before.

I was intrigued by her and secretly hoped that I would be on call when she went into labor. When the phone rang at 5:30am and the soft voice on the other end said, “Good morning Randy, it’s XXXX” a smile came over my heart. XXXX and her husband had labored together all night, holding hands, rocking together, standing together in the shower and simply enjoying their last night together as a couple. The next day, they would become a family.

When her water broke, Mr. XXXX loaded the car and she called to ask me to meet them at the hospital. XXXX exhibited a peaceful acceptance of labor. Her confidence brought her unbelievable peace. They say a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do but XXXX did this with a grace, determination and an inner peace that spoke volumes about her as a woman.  She endured the pains of labor as if she had a choice, and chose it, knowing it would make her stronger. I knew that she would store this experience deep within herself and use it...Read more

Hypnobirthing, The Bradley Method, Lamaze….

Boy oh boy, so many to choose from…. How will you pick the class that’s right for you? Do you know enough about each method to choose the childbirth class that you are philosophically aligned with? Do your research and read up a bit on each method before you decide.

Ultimately, you should be sure to have a good understanding of your anatomy in relation to giving birth. You should also obtain enough knowledge of the risks and benefits of medical interventions so that you thoroughly understand the decisions you will be making for yourself and your baby.

Learn as much as you can regarding comfort techniques such as breathing, position, water therapy, and relaxation.

You should also consider the childbirth educator. Does she have a personal agenda when it comes to birth? Does she offer evidence based information that will enable you to formulate the choices that are best for you?

You will only give birth to this child once! Do your homework, pick the one that’s right for you and have fun! Be sure to exchange information with the other couples in the class so that you can stay in touch and support each other once your babies arrive! Nothing is more comforting than having a new friend to share your experiences with.

Test your knowledge. Take this quiz to see...Read more

Ok… here we go!

I am a regular girl. My body makes noise even when I don’t want it to. I don’t try to be more than I am but hold myself to a very high standard according to my (dead) mother. Oh, we’ll get to that…. Anyway, back to my interpretation of a “regular” girl.

I am comfortable in my skin and encourage other women to feel the same way. It bums me out that that doesn’t come to us instinctually but am proud that I have done the work personally to get to that place. That being said, I know how to guide other women to it as well, if they want that! I am totally in love with Jerry Patterson (my husband of 23 years) together we created two magnificent people, Erica, 20 years old and Ty, 16 years old. That’s right, 2 teenage daughters. Two magnificent teenage daughters! Women need to stop disliking their children! (oooh… that’s controversial, but it’s true).

I was standing in line at a Dunkin’ Donuts recently and I ran into a woman I hadn’t seen in a long time. She has a teenaged daughter as well. We said an obligatory hello followed by some small talk and a few smiles and then she dropped the bomb…. “How are your girls?”, she said with an eye roll. My response, “amazing! I adore those girls”. She was dumbfounded! Didn’t even know how to respond. Was I being sarcastic? Was I joking? Was I an alien? She appeared as if she never heard of such a thing. Before she could even wrap her head around the fact that I actually enjoyed the human...Read more