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3 owners, 2 offices, 10 labor and postpartum doulas and 1 pink car!  All serving a common goal – to educate, inform and support women. 

Last week, while I was holding down the fort, Randy and Debbie met up with OB/GYN, Dr. Meedlen Charles and they headed to the WHUD radio station to sit down with Kacey and talk about women – babies, birth and doulas!  Listen to interview "Oh Ladies" now!


A familiar face and an organized plan is a breath of fresh air to any new mother.

Whether you're expecting your labor doula to arrive when you are in labor, or waiting for your postpartum doula to ring your doorbell when you are bringing home baby for the first time, it is a huge relief for new parents to have organized and acommodating support. 

When your labor doula arrives, she immediately checks to see that you and your partner are comfortable and confident.

No matter where you choose to give birth or how you choose to do it, it's part of your doula's role to affirm and validate your choices. Your doula works cohesively with your care provider (Doctor of Midwife) to help you have the most satisfying birth experience possible.

This isn't your doula's first rodeo and while birth may seem nerve wracking for a new mom to be, it's another great day at the office for the doula. Your experienced...Read more

Having a baby is typically accompanied by a fair share of questions and uncertainties. 

Even if you've been down this road before, you might be feeling a little hopeless as your due date approaches. You may be worried or even anxious about bringing a new little one home. 

Even with tons of reading and researching, there are still topics you may be cautious to discuss in your group Childbirth Education classes or even when you meet with your birth team.

Many women feel awkward mentioning certain topics that pertain to their bodies, with people they don't know, and that's completely normal!

 Holding back questions that you are uneasy about, can lead to more fear, more concern and more anxiety. All of which are unnecessary! So...

What are some questions to NEVER ask your doula? 


Nothing is off limits.

Instead of being nervous to ask, this is the opportunity to get in touch with your body, your needs, and your birth choices, ensuring you, your mind and your body are as...Read more

Northeast Doulas' 4th Annual No Child Wet Behind 5K and 1 mile fun walk is next month. We are once again hosting the event at FDR park (Lot 4) in Yorktown, New York.

You will begin to notice pink and blue No Child Wet Behind diaper donation boxes popping up throughout Greenwich, Westchester, NYC and the Hudson Valley.

We had some help painting the donation boxes from some amazing students from Lakeland High School who helped a great cause and gained the community service hours they needed to graduate. 

You can find No Child Wet Behind Diaper Donation Bins at the following locations:

...Read more

Makeup empowers women by allowing us to enhance our appearance. The entire process of makeup is exciting. Whether you wear makeup every day, or not so often, it is undeniably fun! From going to the store and choosing your cosmetics, to applying them, to feeling confident all day long with a fresh face of new makeup. 

What memories come to mind when you think about makeup? 

Do you remember that Mary Kay party that you once went to and bought a bunch of stuff you didn't need? 

Do you flash back to a slumber party where you and your besties did makeovers and painted each others nails? 

Do you think about the time your sister was getting ready for her first date so you gave her a pep talk while helping her apply her lipstick?

Aside from the personal empowerment makeup can give to us it also brings us back to a time in our lives where we were young, wild and free. It makes us look good, feel good and it brings women together. 

We have asked a few of the Northeast Doulas to share their very first memory of makeup.



Randy Rock'n'Roll Doula 

When I was a little girl my mother didn't wear makeup a lot but every now and then she did. She had this beat up, old, case...Read more

Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80+ hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week. Back in 2008, to say I lived by this quote is an understatement. November was right around the corner and the thought of preparing a Thanksgiving meal was daunting.

I PRIDE myself on being able to provide yummy and delicious meals for my family. 

So, as you can imagine, as I typed the title of this blog post, feelings of deep embarrassment flooded my soul. I have created many famous Patterson family traditions around food. One included the first day of school every year. Every single year starting in kindergarten and finishing in their senior year of high school, I would strategically place a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven 15 minutes before they walked in the door. 

When they got home, we would sit together over warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk and they would tell me all about their first day.

Over the years I developed many more family traditions and with that, I also developed a persona. An alter ego of sorts... I became known as "the tattooed Martha Stewart." 

So rewind back to Thanksgiving 2008. I already felt that I needed to clone myself in order to conquer the amount of work that was on my plate. But Thanksgiving? How the hell was I gonna pull that off?

So I made a decision! 

I had Thanksgiving dinner catered.

There is a first time for everything and this seemed like the...Read more

Doula, a Greek word used to describe a non-medical support person for laboring women.

Registered Nurse RN, a medical professional who has graduated from a nursing program and has passed a national licensing exam to obtain a nursing license. 

Obviously... total opposites! One IS medical, one IS NOT medical.

As if introducing the term “Doula” to someone unfamiliar with it, isn’t confusing enough, some women are adding a new layer of confusion by combining their RN credentials with their certification as a Doula. They are creating a role that falls into neither category and it’s causing concern for professional doulas.

As many people know, not all doulas are certified. Many are practicing without the possibilty of being held accountable by a doula certification organization. They are free to practice any way they wish, with no worry of repercussion… other than a client filing a lawsuit against them.  

As seasoned professional doulas, many of us have worked diligently to teach our communities EXACTLY what doula care is, NON-medical physical, educational and emotional support for women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

With doulas that practice without certification and RN-Doulas providing medical support to women, the confusion about exactly what a doula is will grow exponentially.  

Ask yourself this...

How can someone possibly provide non-medical...Read more

Dear Mean Girls,

You have taken away our power for the last time.

Your judgmental, self-righteous comments will no longer impact us in a negative way.

They will no longer make us question ourselves, our abilities or our value.

As little girls, you tormented us in school in front of our peers. You were deliberate about undermining us and embarrassing us any time you had the opportunity.

We worked hard to avoid you because we hoped to escape the shame and embarrassment you worked to cause us. You needed an audience to laugh with you and join in on mocking us, to make you feel strong and you found it in other mean girls.

As adult women, you have new methods.

You now have social media and it makes perfect sense that you would utilize it in your mean girl ways. Other mean girls rally with you when you seek out sensitivities in other women and launch your passive aggressive attacks.

While you post about sisterhood, camaraderie and empowerment, your actions show your desire to disempower women who have thoughts or beliefs that differ from yours.

You see, we don’t need you.

We thought we did.

We thought if you liked us, we would somehow be smarter, prettier and more successful but it turns out that you not liking us, somehow made you feel prettier, smarter and more successful.

We are free thinkers and we do things differently than you do. We make our own rules and we are empowered by...Read more

Spend Saturday morning 8:30am- NOON, April 5th with Northeast Doulas and friends!

Come and celebrate our 2nd annual “NO CHILD WET BEHIND” Diaper Drive and fundraiser! The very needy beneficiary of our diaper collection will be The Westchester Coalition For The Hungry And Homeless so be sure and bring the biggest bag of diapers possible!

Did you know…

Diaper Need by the Numbers

•   1 in 3 American moms struggle with diaper need

•   A normal infant uses up to 12 diapers a day

•   A healthy change of diapers costs $100/month

Impact on Babies

1.Increased disease risk—diaper rash, staph infections, hepatitis. Because families don’t have enough diapers, a baby’s diaper might only be changed once a day, or rinsed and reused.

2.Increased child abuse, like shaken baby syndrome, because babies cry more when wearing dirty diapers.

Impact on Families

1.Emotional stress—Imagine if you can’t soothe your crying baby because you don’t have a clean diaper to use.

2.Financial stress—Families cut back on...Read more


The bartender says to the activist, “what can I get you?”

The activist replies, “Water. I don’t drink anything but water. Soda, juice… all bad! They’re full of sugar. Alcohol is poisonous to the body, mind and spirit. It erodes the liver, its addictive, it deteriorates the skin, decreases your response time in emergency situations… And do I even have to mention driving while under the influence of alcohol?!? Drinking is BAD! No, I would never drink alcohol AND no one else should either!”

The Doula, looks at the Activist ands says, “Wow, I am so impressed by you. You have such strong convictions about this. Clearly you are a woman who knows what’s important to you. It is rare to see someone so true to themselves. You are a strong lady if I’ve ever seen one!”

The activist smiles, folds her arms and gives the bartender a “see, I told ya so” kind of smirk…

The Doula looks at the bartender and says, “I’ll have a rum and coke!”

Only being supportive of those you agree with is severely closed-minded.

There seems to be a bit of confusion in the Doula world surrounding our role of support. If you are reading this blog, I am sure you know the answer to questions like…

What is a Doula?

Should I hire a Doula?

Why do I need a Doula?

How much does a Doula cost?

How do I find a...Read more