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Northeast Doulas offers a wide variety of doula services including placenta encapsulation.

This practice has been around for centuries and over the past several years has been gaining ground in the US. Unsure of what exactly placenta encapsulation means?

In this post we break down all there is to know about Placenta Encapsulation, including a breakdown on the placenta encapsulation procedure, benefits and how Northeast Doulas can assist you. 

What is placenta encapsulation? 

Placenta encapsulation is the procedure by which a woman's placenta is ingested after being steamed and dehyrated...Read more

As many of you know this past month Northeast Doulas held our 4th annual “No Child Wet Behind” 5k and family fun day. We are grateful for the support that makes this event possible each year and look forward contributing to No Child Wet Behind's growth each year. As No Child Wet Behind continues to gain momentum, we are able to help struggling families throughout the nation. 

This year seventeen cities participated in this amazing nationwide cause, each donating to a beneficiary within their community. 

A total of 202,431 diapers have been collected to date! 

A special and sincere thank you to the mayor of White Plains, Thomas Roach who happened to take the bronze medal for 3rd place in our 5K fundraiser race.

Another special thank you to the Commissioner of Social Services, Kevin McGuire, the Deputy Commissioner of Social Services, John Befus and Wendy Armstrong and Michelle Memoli from...Read more

What is infertility?

Infertility is the diagnosis given when a couple is not able to become pregnant despite having carefully timed, unprotected sex for one year. There are more than 200,000 cases of infertility in the United States each year. 

What causes infertility?

The causes of infertility may include inadequate levels of hormones in both men and women. Women who have difficulty with ovulation may be at risk for infertility as well. 

Looking for infertility treatment? 

Treatment may significantly improve your chances of becoming pregnant. Treatments for infertility include hormone treatments, fertility medications (IVF), and surgery. Various medical techniques can also be used in assisted reproduction to fertilize an egg. 

April 24th through April 30th 2016 was National Infertility Awareness Week and it prompted us to open the door to this blog post.

Infertility has somehow become a "taboo" subject...Read more

New Year Resolutions and the pressure to execute them can be overwhelming. Self negativity is often induced as you reflect on the previous year, emotionally punishing yourself for things that didn't go as you planned. These feelings are ugly.

They feel ugly! They sound ugly! These feelings don't deserve to be what defines you. 

To help you start 2016 with a new mindset, we've constructed a list of things to "kick to the curb" in 2015.


There is nothing more paralyzing than self doubt. 

Self doubt is crippling and is the root of most dilemmas. Self doubt makes decision making virtually impossible. If we begin with self doubt, the ability to make even the simplest of choices will hold us at a stalemate. Instead of doubting yourself, weigh out the pros and cons and avoid lingering at all cost. Base your decisions on what is right for you and have faith in yourself.

Trust your own judgment. Believe it.


Negative thinking is the first level that self doubt trickles down to. Negativity is a vicious force and can be paralyzing. Seeing the positive in even the darkest hour is not impossible. Reminding yourself of that daily can play a huge role in becoming more positive. Your energy is immediately transferred into all that surrounds you so stop dimming the lights...Read more

As moms, we set the bar pretty high when it comes to our baby's first Christmas.

From preparation to completion, our baby's first Christmas MUST BE PERFECT!

We spend hours shopping for the most adorable outfit for him or her to wear on Christmas Day.

We shop for Christmas presents that he or she will not comprehend or appreciate.

We invest our time in creating special first Christmas ornaments, we visit Santa Claus, we take pictures with our little one in a hat or stuffed in a stocking, we send out Christmas cards with said photo of baby in hat or stuffed in the stocking... The list goes on and on! 

The truth is, your baby's first Christmas will likely not meet your standards of 'perfect'. 

Here at Northeast Doulas, we have decided to shed some (Christmas) light on the "unrealistic expectations" mothers set for their baby's first Christmas.

1) Baby's First Christmas Outfit  

Expectation: Have your little angel deck the halls in this adorable Christmas outfit from MyLittleMissCo on Etsy. Adorable, great for pictures and comfortable for your little one! 

...Read more

You gave birth!

You did it!

You really did it!

She’s beautiful. She’s finally here. You are absolutely blown away by the experience and this perfect little baby that has been placed on your chest. Your partner cries, you cry, you have never been more filled with love and excitement in your entire life when suddenly your doctor says… “ok, I need you to give me a little push”.

You follow his or her direction and you bear down.

You feel that second life force move through your body.

It takes on the shape of your anatomy and with one long and laborious push, your placenta is here.

Your placenta. The organ that your magnificent body grew to nourish and grow your baby. The placenta that at about 8 weeks into your pregnancy took over the management of your hormones and kept you emotionally balanced (well, for the most part any way).

It’s fascinating and your provider asks you, “do you want to see your placenta?” You hesitate but you know it is too incredible of an opportunity to pass up and you take a glimpse of it. Wow…

What happens next can change your next 6 weeks of life dramatically. You have 2 choices (in most hospitals)

·      Disregard it as medical waste

·      Take it home with you

If you choose the first option, like many women do and disregard it, you will never know the “could haves”. It will be red bagged and discarded and you will not know whether it could have impacted your...Read more


I can do it, and you can too! Here’s why!

If you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.  It’s that simple.  It may not be perfect, but if you believe it’s possible, it is.

I’ve been really struggling with my depression for a good six weeks.  I haven’t been exercising or talking to my friends and family. 

Those are the tell tale signs that I’m in the depression pit. 

All I’ve been doing is working.  Working, working, working.  It’s been my escape, which is a productive escape, but an escape nonetheless. 

I’m hiding.  I’m hiding from the truth…

The truth is, I suffer from depression, and I never know when it’s going to rear its ugly head. 

I signed up a year ago to run the Westchester ½ marathon, because when I ran it last year, I had a great time.  In the back of my mind for the whole year, I’ve been thinking oh I have that ½ marathon in October. 

Then depression hit like a ton of bricks.

Out of nowhere.  I didn’t run.  I didn’t do much of any exercise for the 6 weeks leading up to the race.  I was looking for an excuse as to why I couldn’t run this race.  I thought about deferring it to next year, I thought about skipping it.  I thought about walking it.  I thought about taking the easy way out.

Instead, I woke up the morning of the race at 7am.  I got up and reluctantly drove to White Plains by myself to pick up my race number and to run alone.  I thought to myself,...Read more

So there we were, huddled together at the table in her dimly lit kitchen. It was a freezing cold winter morning in January and this mom was desperate.

The baby was finally asleep. She spoke about frustration, anxiety, and ever-present, relentless exhaustion.

The sleep deprivation is the hardest thing, she says, because nothing else is good if you are bone weary all the time. It seems like the baby’s piercing cry is non-stop.

She is sick of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations. She feels like such a failure. No one else seems to have problems with their babies like she does.

Earlier problems made nursing more complicated and down right difficult.

She doesn’t enjoy the baby.

She just can’t go on like this.

She even considered ending her maternity leave early. She wanted to get back to work, where she knew she was successful, and hire someone else to raise her child, someone better at it than she was.

This story is not unfamiliar. Fortunately, in many cases, family and friends can provide a support system for these new parents. They can lend sympathetic ears, help take household chores off your shoulders, and care for older siblings.

A knowledgeable postpartum doula can do all of this and more. She can demonstrate specific techniques and positions to comfort your baby. An experienced postpartum doula can also help parents work through issues of crying and sleeplessness. She can look at your...Read more


I’m ready! I just want to have a baby. I know we can handle it. We have so much love between us, it seems wrong NOT to share it with a baby!

It took some convincing on my part because Jerry Patterson wasn’t so sure we were ready (he’s always been the more mature and rational one of us) but after a few months, we both agreed and got right to work!

Now keep in mind that 22 years ago, we didn’t have the luxury of a google search to help us figure out when the best time to conceive was and ovulation kits didn’t exist, so… I made a chart.

I learned how to read a thermometer and I took my temperature three times a day, every day. The chart was taped to the mirror in the bathroom and I stared at it every time I brushed my teeth, peed or put make up on my face.

I was obsessed with the idea that my ovary was gonna drop an egg and our love was gonna turn it into a baby!

I waited patiently for my body temperature to rise by .4 or more! I was almost as excited about taking my temperature as I was about conceiving a baby!

One Sunday afternoon, we were about to leave to go to a friend’s bbq. I was getting dressed and realized it was time to take my temperature. I shook the thermometer for the billionth time, stuck it under my tongue and picked out a pair of shorts and a shirt to wear. A few minutes later, I pulled the thermometer out of my mouth, held it up and almost fell on the floor when it said 99.2!!!!...Read more

A Postpartum Insurance Policy

You just gave birth. Your hormones are raging. Your life just changed forever.

What if I tried to sell you an insurance policy that could insure a more positive transition for you? What if it was your own placenta and eating it was part of that policy? Ladies, let me introduce you to…

Placenta Encapsulation For Ingestion

As a kid, I remember my hippie mom and her friends talking about placenta lasagna and placenta stew. I remember thinking, I’m not sure what placenta is but I’m steering clear of stew and lasagna for a while, just in case. I had no idea that they were talking about growing an organ in their uterus’, passing it through their vaginas and then EATING IT!!!! I always thought they were weird but this took the cake!


My mind has been changed. It’s amazing what a little education can do for someone... So, let me share what I’ve learned!

First of all, we are mammals. MOST (not all) mammals ingest their placentas after giving birth. Of the ones that don’t, most are water mammals. Whales for example do not. When a whale is just about to give birth, the cord and the baby separate, the “calf” is born and when the placenta is born, it falls to the bottom of the sea and the mother is not able to ingest it.

Marsupials, particularly kangaroos don’t ingest their...Read more