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January 2018

Here it is. The moment we've all been waiting for. The day you finally get to bring your baby home after waiting for what probably seemed like the longest 9 months ever! With baby donned in their 'coming home from the hospital outfit', and your car seat safely installed the way you practiced a hundred times, you are finally en route to home sweet home.

I'm sure you've imagined those first few moments at home with baby to be magic. Maybe you've even fantasized about bonding with your baby, skin-to-skin, in the comfort of your own bed, or having guests over to whisper sweet nothings to your newest addition as they meet for first time. 

Here at Northeast Doulas we are here to tell you what nobody else will. 

Bringing home baby kinda stinks.

Babies are notorious for throwing parents off with their digestive systems.

We'll start with gas.

Many parents know to expect an influx of gas when baby is earth side. However, most parents are not educated on the why behind it. So we'll start with that. 

As with all gas, the cause is linked to too...Read more