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May 2017

"Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children... Now I have six children and no theories."    

-John Wilmot 


One of the most beautiful things about parenting is the way every parent has their own style and unique way of raising their little ones. From the very beginning, every parent has an idea of the mother or father that they wish to become.


The second most beautiful thing about parenting? Your're going to change that parenting style over and over again and that's totally okay. 


Some days you might find that you feel like super mom and another you might feel frustrated or feel like just changing your name and skipping town and none of those feelings define you as a parent, they simply illustrate the ways you're growing and developing what parenting philosophies are really working.


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Labor and birth is so beautifully unique, no two women labor in exactly the same way.

While most labor experiences are expected to be anywhere from 6 to 12 hours, many women experience labor and delivery in what seems like the blink of an eye. 

Wait a second...isn't a speedy labor and delivery what I want?

Well sort of! A swift and healthy labor and delivery is always the goal, however proceeding through the stages of labor too quickly can cause some unexpected craziness in your home, hospital or birth center. 

What is precipitous birth?

This fast labor is known as precipitous labor and occurs when labor and delivery happen in a speedy 3 hours. This might seem like a dream birth to many nervous new moms but can be stressful and chaotic in the moment. With your labor doula by your side as you navigate your precipitous birth, you and your partner can remain confident and empowered from the start. 

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Postpartum placenta magic goes far beyond capsules.

Encapsulation is so much more than a placenta capsule regimen and helps women go above and beyond to take control of their postpartum wellness and more. Your postpartum placenta specialist brings more than capsules to the table and your sessions can include everything from tinctures to art that encapsulates memories of your beautiful birth experience. 

Placenta encapsulation and processing as a whole is still fairly new to the United States, while placenta has incredible spiritual and physical significance across the globe. We're always setting out to fill in the gaps and help parents identify what birth and postpartum journey feels right for them to help them feel confident as they start this amazing new chapter in their lives.

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We got plenty of April showers and now it's time for all the gorgeous May flowers!

Whether you're starting some seeds for your veggie garden or adding some vibrant spring blooms around your mailbox, gardening can be a whole lot of fun for the whole family. Kids love to get their hands dirty and watch their plants grow to produce flowers and fruit and parents can appreciate their enthusiasm for the enviornment and their excitment to eat all the healthy veggies they harvest. 

Since spring planting season is officially here, we're sharing some tips and tricks to making gardening with your kids a safe and fun activity to enjoy in the beautiful weather of May. 

So get out those sun hats, garden tools and get ready to get dirty. 

Sun Protection

It might be early in the season to be thinking about summer safety, but on a sunny spring day, your skin can take a lot of damage. If you're planning on gardening in the yard instead of containers inside, make sure sun protection is your number one priority. Especially on...Read more