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September 2016

When you get pregnant, there’s no shortage of opinions and new knowledge about how your body is going to change during your pregnancy... You hear about what to expect during pregnancy and what you need for the new baby, but why doesn’t anyone talk about what UNDERWARE you'll buy?

Were you planning on wearing those frilly little numbers up to your due date?

Let's talk about panties.

Even if you didn’t invest big bucks into your lingerie before baby, this is certainly no time to cut corners. The panty timeline goes from frills to briefs as the weeks pass by.

But let's get real! It’s about comfort here, ladies.

We’re all for body positivity and you should feel confident and sexy while pregnant in your undergarments, but during pregnancy, your bum and belly may require a bit more support. 

Materials that are soft, breathable, and stretchy will be your booty's best friend.

Start by 'sizing up' in your favorite style underwear that you’re...Read more

It’s finally time to meet your newborn and you’ve been dreaming of seeing their perfect face for months.

When they finally get handed to you, they’re not always the “picture perfect” sight you expected.

What is all this cheesy stuff all over my new baby?!

It’s gross!

We ordered ours without the cheese, thanks.

While it can seem pretty unsightly, be thankful it's there.

The 'cheese' or more commonly referred to as vernix, is an important part of protecting your baby inside the womb.


Vernix Caseosa covers a baby’s delicate skin in the womb as it’s developing. The amniotic fluid’s acidity can damage this delicate skin and the Vernix coats the baby and prevents infection. It also keeps a newborn insulated, keeping them at a comfy temperature.


Amniotic fluid would dry out a baby’s sensitive skin if it weren’t for the layer of hydrating Vernix. Your baby would be born a shriveled up raisin if their skin wasn’t constantly being hydrated while in the womb. Think of it as your baby’s first skincare regimine.

Soundproof Studio

It’s pretty noisy to float around in liquid for months, and the...Read more

Postpartum moms are often looking for a way to speed up their recovery, get their pre-baby bodies back and gain a general sense of wellness. Usually this process is easier said than done... Now these postpartum moms are trying to balance life at home, work, newborn care and adding some fitness into their routine is difficult to stick to.

We found a perfect solution that matches the needs described by new mother’s in the Baby Burn Fitness program based out of Mahopac, New York. Baby Burn Fitness is designed specifically for post-baby moms looking for some fitness motivation and encouragement to get them in the best physical and emotional state they can be. Each woman’s postpartum journey is different and Baby Burn Fitness tailors the experience to assist mothers at a variety of stages of the healing process.

We asked Victoria Segrave, of Baby Burn Fitness, to give us some more insight about the way they help postpartum moms restore and rejuvenate themselves, while balancing emotional and physical wellness to enhance their state of mind.

What are the top reasons a postpartum mom would benefit from Baby Burn Fitness?

We have something at Baby Burn Fitness called FAMES! It stands for Friendship, Acceptance, Motivation, Encouragement and Support.

I’m a firm believer that...Read more