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December 2014

As I sit here on the morning of Wednesday November 19th, in Guangzhou China across from my friend / business partner, Randy Patterson, I can’t help but think that my life, but really the lives of all doulas across the world is about to change… 

This is the morning that Randy will stand on stage (with her interpreter) and give her presentation on Doula Care in The United States, to an enormous audience of doctors, hospital administrators, nurses, and midwives, at The Fifth China Maternal and Child Health Summit.

With butterflies in my belly, (even though I don’t have to present), I look over at one of the most powerful women I will ever meet, and am in absolute awe. She is calm, cool and confident, as she reviews her notes, one last time. She is ready. She is driven and she is determined to help create change in the birth world. Her name is Randy “The Rock n’ Roll Doula” Patterson, and I am more proud of her then I could ever explain! 

What we have had the honor to see over this amazing week in China most will only dream about.

The reception we received upon our arrival and during our entire trip is second to none.  The people here in China can’t get enough information about doulas, not to mention the gorgeous, long haired, tattooed American woman who is here to talk about it. 

They want to change birth in China and the government officials, doctors and medical personnel are confident that one of the ways to make this happen will be...Read more