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October 2013

This is one pregnant woman who means business!

30 year old, Michelle Troutman from Frankfort, PA has put her foot down about keeping hands off!

Why is it that personal space boundaries are disregarded when a pregnant woman walks in a room....Read more

They tell you you've become a woman when you're thirteen.

You don't become a woman when you're thirteen; you don't become a woman once; you become a woman a thousand times, with every test you pass (or fail), every challenge you overcome with feminine wile, every obstacle you conquer with courage and a high tolerance for pain, every birth and death that shifts generations and forces you into a new womanly role, every bodily demand or medical scare unique to women; every fight you end with a hug, every cake you bake, and every pimple you cover up...

At 39 I've become a new woman; today I've become a newer, better woman than I was yesterday (older is a state of mind); and all the women around me contribute to the fabric of my being.

So, I thank them. I thank my mother, my sisters, my aunts, cousins, friends, cleaning lady, postpartum doula, lactation consultant, and more friends who provide examples of giving, nourishing, sacrificing, working, mothering, and becoming more whole as a woman every day. 

It's a process we cannot stop. We try and try to move body and soul gracefully and sometimes need bolstering. Having been shown tremendous grace, warmth, and generosity of spirit during this pregnancy and postpartum period gives me a strong desire to become an amalgam of all the women I admire--to carry the torch, restore harmony to the community of women, and add my own unique stamp of sass and humor, skepticism and derring-do to the communal...Read more


Breasts are a crazy thing and breastfeeding, as normal as they say it is, can be equally crazy (at least, in the beginning). Just the realization that our breasts have the ability to PRODUCE MILK, is mind blowing when we stop to think about it!

As a Doula, I have wrapped my hands around many a breast!

I have stimulated the nipples of women to help kick start uterine contractions.

I have stimulated nipples to augment labor and to help slow bleeding post delivery.

I have hand-expressed colostrum to entice a newborn to latch and I have initiated sprays of milk out of the breasts of my clients in evidence and validation that they ARE providing nourishment to their children.

So why are we so weird about our breasts? OK, maybe the question should be, why am I so weird about MY breasts and maybe, just maybe, there are one or two other women who can identify with me.

I always have been weird about them. I just never liked them. I have gained and lost weight enough times that the integrity of my breast tissue seems to have melted…. or so it seems to me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not shy or modest or anything like that. I mean if I liked them, I would flaunt them. You might even see me on the back of a Harley Davidson, topless at some bike rally in South Dakota or something. I simply don’t like them.

However, these bad boys have served me (and my husband and children) well! I know the feel of a good push up...Read more


I can do it, and you can too! Here’s why!

If you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.  It’s that simple.  It may not be perfect, but if you believe it’s possible, it is.

I’ve been really struggling with my depression for a good six weeks.  I haven’t been exercising or talking to my friends and family. 

Those are the tell tale signs that I’m in the depression pit. 

All I’ve been doing is working.  Working, working, working.  It’s been my escape, which is a productive escape, but an escape nonetheless. 

I’m hiding.  I’m hiding from the truth…

The truth is, I suffer from depression, and I never know when it’s going to rear its ugly head. 

I signed up a year ago to run the Westchester ½ marathon, because when I ran it last year, I had a great time.  In the back of my mind for the whole year, I’ve been thinking oh I have that ½ marathon in October. 

Then depression hit like a ton of bricks.

Out of nowhere.  I didn’t run.  I didn’t do much of any exercise for the 6 weeks leading up to the race.  I was looking for an excuse as to why I couldn’t run this race.  I thought about deferring it to next year, I thought about skipping it.  I thought about walking it.  I thought about taking the easy way out.

Instead, I woke up the morning of the race at 7am.  I got up and reluctantly drove to White Plains by myself to pick up my race number and to run alone.  I thought to myself,...Read more


Northeast Doulas has been facilitating a discussion group for pregnant and newly postpartum women for many years. This group has offered tremendous support, education and an opportunity for friendship to so many women in our community.

After a short break, THE GROUP IS BACK!

This group meets at Hudson Valley Hospital Center on Thursday nights from 7:00-8:30 and is facilitated by the owners and staff of Northeast Doulas. You do not have to be delivering your baby at Hudson Valley Hospital in order to attend! Home birthers and patients of any other hospital are welcome to benefit from this group!

The group is open (and FREE) to pregnant and newly postpartum women with babies up to 3 months old. Many moms have started playgroups with the other moms for the 3 month+ gang.

The group is casual and it is ok if you are late or need to leave early. Take what you can get!

This is what’s so cool about the group;

1)  The group is facilitated by seasoned Doulas with tons of experience that you can benefit from!

2)  The group is a perfect opportunity to learn and connect with birthing and parenting philosophies!

3)  The group’s only requirements are an open mind and a judgment free attitude!

4)  The group gives you an opportunity to make life long friends who are experiencing exactly what you are!

5)  Women come to this group...Read more


On Thursday September 26, I had the honor of visiting with a group of obstetricians from China as well as the president of the China Doula Corporation.

I was contacted about a month ago by the teams NY friend, Certified Nurse Midfife, Dewan Duan.

The group was being led by Dr. Ruyan Pang, who is the Vice President of China Maternal & Child Health Association (CMCHA). They were traveling to the United States to study the benefits of Doula care during labor in relation to lowering their very high cesarean section rates. In various parts of China the c-section rate ranges from 46%-80%!

I was so excited about this opportunity and called our friends at Hudson Valley Hospital Center to set up a tour of labor and delivery as well. (Thanks HVHC for use of the conference room and the refreshments you provided!)

Dr. Ruyan Pang and her team were thrilled to see the birth tubs in the labor rooms and asked tons of questionsDr. Sheila Pongnon and CNM, Joanne Mazzio of Westchester Medical Practice and Sabrina Nitkowski-Keever, Director of Maternal Child Health at HVHC, were on hand to answer their questions. Meanwhile, Debbie was in the room next door, doula-ing one of our wonderful clients. The team got a brief meet and greet with her and...Read more